Friday, February 22, 2008

Do you notice something missing from my smile?


We knew it would happen eventually, but I still am NOT READY for Nash to loose his top front teeth. I really feel for this little guy!! Does he have the ever so monstrous bucky Weeks (my family side) teeth, or the nice, pretty and perfectly aligned Jones teeth? It is obvious what I hope he has. Unfortunately we can't escape genetics. Let me tell you, if you take Brandon's "bad" genes and my "bad" genes and put them together, you would have a real winner! Hopefully all our kids will be a mixture of our "good" genes. I know this sounds terrible to say, but it is something I worry about quite a bit. But, just know that I will LOVE them no matter what, and that goes with out saying.

We can see the teeth coming in his x-rays and they look big, but it is hard to tell. He will deal with whatever he has. I dealt with it, and still do. But, I am going to miss those perfect, cute little baby teeth. My boy is getting so old!! I can't believe it. So lets all pull together and say a little prayer that my baby has the Jones teeth!

Friday, February 15, 2008

My Uncle Glen

My Uncle (my mom's brother) Glen passed away last week and his funeral service was yesterday. I am grateful to know that after a long battle with cancer, he is now perfect in heaven with his mother and father. We will miss him so much!
I will never forget those memories of him. I used to love going to his house when I was little. He was such a fun-loving Uncle. We used to swim in his pond and play volleyball and run around in his huge yard.
My sister and I were talking the other day and were saying he was like a grandpa to us because my Grandpa passed away before we were born. We love you Glen!

Wednesday, February 6, 2008

My new nephew

My sister wanted pictures of her new little baby, and I needed the practice. So we got together today and had a shoot. These turned out pretty good despite how wiggly he was and all the poop and pee. Let's just say that I am no professional in this area. You also really have to have a knack for positioning newborns. But, of coarse they are cute, look at this adorable little guy!!