Monday, December 22, 2008

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Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Pregnancy and Exercise

I am trying to be better at staying fit this pregnancy. My first two pregnancies, I didn't really exercise and only gained about 25 lbs. with each one. I tend to loose weight quickly when I nurse and got too skinny after nursing both of them for about 5 months. So with Coleman I tried to eat ice cream with peanut butter every night to gain extra weight to see if I could nurse longer with him. I definitely gained the weight, somewhere around 40 lbs., but still was only able to nurse about 6 months for different reasons. Anyway, I was wide hipped and my body was weird, it looked like it belonged to someone else. So this time I am trying to stay fit and just nurse as long as I can.

I have found a pregnancy workout video that I really like. Since a lot of you out there are expecting I thought I would recommend it. It is called The Perfect Pregnancy workout. It looks low budget on the cover, but it is by far the best one of the four I have tried.

I also like the Pilates Pregnancy workout, although the lady is weird and talks WAY too much!! It focuses a lot on the core.

Does anybody have an aerobic pregnancy video they would recommend?

Monday, December 1, 2008

Coleman turned 3!!

Coleman had his third birthday on the 29th. We love this little guy!! He has SO much personality, he is so fun and loves to do new things. We love you buddy and are grateful to have you in our family. Happy Birthday!