Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Mr. Sensitive

Canyon is our sensitive guy. He is our homebody, our snuggler and our worrier. He is always worried about everybody. He is also pretty darn funny and he LOVES to laugh. He is our sweetie!

Lately our Mr. Sensitive has been having a hard time getting used to being gone all day long for first grade. It can be so hard sending your kids off to school when you know how sad and lonely they feel there at times. But, you have to do it and they put on a brave face because they know they have to do it too.

The first week of school Canyon said he cried two or three times a day, but he always came home happy. It is was difficult for me to pinpoint the exact cause because he has a hard time talking when he gets emotional (which I can totally relate to).

I laid down by him in the dark of his room one night that first week of school and tried to get more details. I asked him what makes him cry at school, and what he's thinking about when he starts to cry. He then started to cry just thinking about crying. He said, " I miss you, and I miss Paige". "And I didn't have anybody to play with at lunch recess." I told him that I missed him too, but that I was happy he was able to go to school to learn so many new things. I asked him if there was anybody in his class that he thought might be really fun to play with. He named a few boys. I told him to ask those boys before recess if they wanted to play with him. That way he was sure to have someone to play with. That cheered him up a bit. We also went over some techniques with him that usually help him when he starts to cry. Like counting to five, taking deep breaths and telling himself that he will be okay. We talked for a little while about other things and I kissed him goodnight.

Sunday, the night before the beginning of the second week of school we were at Grandma Nanette's house. He started to cry and told me he wanted to go home. He said he didn't want to leave me and go to school. He then asked me through his tears how to spell the word 'played'. He was nervous about not being able to spell the word right in his school journal. He was so stressed! I told him that he just needed to write the word the way he thought it sounded and it didn't matter if it was exactly right. He wanted me to write it down on a little note for him so he could look at it at school. I told him I would.

The next morning he cried and cried and hugged and hugged me. He didn't want to leave. I wrote my cell phone number down on a post it note (and the word 'played') and told him to put it in his pocket. I told him that he could call me anytime he felt sad. Nash said "and you can come find me at school if you feel sad because that's what big brothers are for". What a nice brother! That made him feel a little better, but I still had to send him off to school crying. And I cried when he left.

When he came home from school he had a big smile on his face. He said "Mom, I didn't cry today, I just took deep breaths and counted to five and calmed myself down!" "And I looked at the number in my pocket and that made me feel better!" I was so glad!

The rest of the week he did the same thing everyday. Left crying, with a note in his pocket, and calmed himself down when he felt sad, and had no tears at school. Progress.

So now he has to have the note in his pocket and if it is not there when carpool honks their horn he gets a little stressed, but we always make sure he has it. He also likes to have home lunch everyday. I think he just likes that little piece of home to take with him.

One morning when I drove the kids to school he ran out the door and when he was half-way to the school I realized he had forgotten his note. Well, I thought, maybe he doesn't need it anymore. Then I saw him turn around and run toward me. He had a look of utter despair on his face and big tears were streaming down his cheeks. He couldn't even mutter the words, "I forgot my note". I wrote cell number on a piece of paper and gave him a big hug. He stood there for a few minutes to calm down a bit. I said, "hey buddy, you are going to be alright once you get in there and start doing fun things". He put on his brave face once again and ran for the school. And I cried again. I miss him too. These are the moments I love to be a mom. To be able to help, to comfort and to give courage to my little guys.

We love Canyon's sensitive side, we just need to help him deal with his emotions a little better sometimes. He will learn as he grows, and he has been doing pretty well- All this last week he went to school with the note and no tears. We love this little guy!

Monday, September 28, 2009


Now that Paige is sitting pretty good it is so much easier to take pictures of her. So you are just going to have to bear with me, because there are going to be a lot more of her in the next little while. She not old enough yet complain (like the other kids), or run away when I practice my photography! And who can resist taking pictures of this cutie?!

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Paige updates for 3, 4 and 5 months

More updates on Paige and pictures for three, four and five months. Mostly so I have it all recorded when I go to do her scrapbook. (Whenever that may be)

Month Three:
More smiley and giggly
Grabbing things pretty well
Another trip to St. George/took a splash in the pool.
Loves to curl toes together
Loves her hand on her head, rubs it sometimes when she goes to sleep.
Holds hands together straight out in front of herself.

Month Four:
14 lbs. 15 oz., 26 inches long
Lava Hot Springs trip
Loves talking, cooing and laughing to people.
Sits up for about 5 seconds by herself
Boys love to hold her, and Nash carries her around at times.
Loves splashing around in the tub.
Loves splashing around in the Grandma Nanette's pool.
Trying rice cereal and baby food.
Likes to be layed down with binki and stuffed animal for nap time.
Fussy time at night from about 10:00pm-11:00pm
Tried rice cereal for the first time (only eating it about once a week), not sure you like it.
Holds hands together a lot and likes to keep her feet together as well. (Hard to explain).
Doesn't like to be in her carseat, cries quite a bit in the car.

Month Five:
Sitting up by herself but gets tired after a few minutes.
Perfected rolling over, but still doesn't do it that much.
Says "Ba, ba, ba, ba, ba" and "Ma, ma, ma, ma, ma".
Talking loudly (especially in the car).
Starting to like her car seat a little more.
LOVES to laugh and giggle at Dad and Mom and her brothers.
Puts her finger on her chin when she says "ba, ba, ba".
Moves her mouth around like a guppie (it's so adorable).
Loves to rub her face into mine and eat my chin or cheek.
Rolls her feet when sitting in the bumbo.
Loves to hold the hair on the back of my head when held.
Camping Trip to Granite flats and Timpanogas Cave, she was a trooper.
Happy, happy, smiley baby.
She moves her whole body and squeals when she gets really excited.
LOVES to get her diaper changed, she thinks it is so funny.
Still getting up 1-2 times during the night.
Has mastered and likes eating rice cereal and also tried a variety of fruits and veggies.
Likes playing with her toys and shaking them to listen to the noises they make.
Likes to eat small pieces of bread when we eat dinner.
Likes to smile at new people she meets.

We love our Paigey girl!!

Tuesday, September 15, 2009


There is nothing better on a roll or a slice of bread than homemade freezer jam. I haven't made freezer jam for the past two years and I have forgotten how much I LOVE it. My sister-in-law invited me over on Sunday night to make some with her extra peaches. It was so yummy that I went out the next day and bought some more peaches, and raspberries and blackberries. After another evening of making jam I now have the following jams:
Now it's time to get those rolls ready for tonight! YUM!

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Daddy's little girl

Brandon has definitely been enjoying having a little girl around the house. I love watching him with her, he is such a good dad. Sometimes when I see them together I can't help but laugh because she looks so much like him! She's so lucky to get him as her daddy, he loves her so much.

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Mr. Independent

Coleman is known around here for being very contrary and very independent. I know that he is three and that's what comes with 3, but I know Coleman is more independent than most, and he is not afraid of anything. Sometimes I think it is great that he likes to do things for himself, but most times it puts us in some interesting situations.

Like the time Brandon filled up our wheel barrel with water to find the hole in one of our van tires that kept going flat. After checking the tire, he forgot to dump out the water and left it in the backyard. Later, I went in the backyard and this is what I found-

Coleman had stripped down and climbed right in. I always wonder what my back door neighbors think, they never talk to us when we are outside. I am sure they think we are weird. I will just say that wasn't the first time Coleman had been out there naked.

Or last month when we were at Lava Hot Springs in the pool and Coleman asked me if he could go on the water slide as he pointed to it. "Sure, go get in line and I will catch you," I say. He swims off and when he exits the pool he takes off running, he passes the slide I expected him to go to and keeps running. I then realize he was pointing to the LARGE slide in the distance. So I hurry out of the pool, pass off Paige to my sister and take after him. (Can I tell you how fun it is to run in a swimsuit post baby?! But I did it anyway for my crazy man). As I get to the bottom of the towering stair case, I can see Coleman pushing and butting his way past everybody and nearing the top. I run faster up the staircase. It is too late. He jumps right on the slide (that he isn't even tall enough for) and goes down without waiting for the guy to tell him to go. Agh!!! So now I have to run back down the stairs (in my swimsuit) to meet him at the bottom. I meet him there and I just see him beaming!! "That was FUN mom!" I couldn't help but smile when I saw him despite my frustration.
This isn't the picture that time, but it is a slide he went on, just later that day. I just wanted you to see how happy those slides made him.

Or another time when we were at Dylan's Restaurant a few weeks ago eating dinner. I looked over and realized that Coleman (who was sitting right next to me three seconds ago) was gone. After checking several places, I decided to check the bathroom. There was Coleman sitting on the toilet in a one stall bathroom (luckily he had chosen the women's and hadn't locked the door). "Oh, hi Mom," he says. "What are you doing Coleman, I have been looking ALL over for you?" was my reply. "Gooooing Poooootty!" he said back with a tone insinuating I should have known.

Or the time a few weeks ago when I heard someone at my family reunion yell-"Whose kid is that?" I perked up with that question, knowing it was most likely one of mine doing something weird. I see Coleman standing 10 ft. from the picnic tables (where 30+ people were eating lunch) with his pants down, peeing on the grass. "Coleman honey, you can't pee out here where everybody can see you!" I quickly pull up his pants. He only replies with, "I just had to go potty mom." very matter- of-factly. Thankfully my Mom's side has a great sense of humor. My Aunt actually snapped a picture of him in the act. Wish I had it to post here.
(The more I am thinking about this, I don't know why a lot of these times usually involve going to the bathroom. He's just likes to make things easy I guess.)

But, my little Mr. Independent came into my room this morning with his room lighting smile and said, "I made my bed mom, all by myself!" I went to his room and this is what I found...
And he did a GREAT job too! I guess maybe there might be a few rewards instead of frustrations coming from his independence as he gets older. I sure hope so, he is wearing me out!