Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Cookies and Kool-Aid

My boys have been begging me for weeks to let them have a cookie and Kool-Aid stand. The weather was going to be nice, and I finally felt I had the time to help them. So last Friday we set up shop in front of our house. I baked chocolate chip cookies and Nash made the Kool-Aid. Each cookie and each cup of Kool-Aid was 25 cents. They had such a blast. They made $17.00, and they couldn't have been happier! It made me so excited for summer.


Monday, April 21, 2008

Which one?

I am putting together a collage of B&W pictures for a picture frame I have, and just recently took these of Canyon. Which one do you like the best? I can't decide which way I like Canyon positioned. Thanks for your input.

Saturday, April 19, 2008

Zachary part 2

My nephew Zachary had his baby blessing last weekend. I was happy to be able to take some pictures of him in his blessing outfit for my sister. I posted pictures of him a few months ago which you might remember, and he is getting to be such a cute chunky guy. So, I just couldn't resist getting some pictures of his cute little baby chubbs.


Wednesday, April 16, 2008

My photography class

I have been taking a photography class and I am loving it! Just thought I would share some random pictures I have been taking for various assignments.


Thursday, April 10, 2008

Such a bummer!!

So I had planned out my night:) Right after dinner give the kids haircuts, baths, have Nash do his homework, and then let the boys watch American Idol with me... then it's off to bed for them!

So kids were in bed by 8:15. Good, I have 45 minutes to take a hot bath-which is badly needed cause I still am feeling cruddy with this darn cold/sinus infection I have had for two weeks.

After my nice soak I go downstairs-Brandon is watching the Jazz game-good it is over in 1 minute. The Jazz sadly loose by 3 points. What an exciting last minute of a game!

So, now I am really excited cause now it is MY time to watch MY favorite show. But, guess what? I didn't realize that I wasn't looking at central time. The Office was on at 8:00, so I missed it!! Please let me know how funny it was and what happened. I am dying to know! Oh well, since Brandon is off playing B-ball, guess I will go upstairs get in bed and read myself to sleep. What a bummer!!

So excited for prime time tonight!

Don't forget to watch The Office tonight! I am so excited that they are finally starting their new season again. Just didn't want anyone else to forget.

Tuesday, April 8, 2008


So I was recently tagged. Here is goes:

ABC tag!

A. Attached or Single? Attached, 9 years in August.

B. Best Friends? Brandon, mom and sisters, and my friends.

C. Cake or Pie? Pie-especially my Grandmas apple pie which I love to make!

D. Day of Choice? Friday, who doesn't like the weekend?

E. Essential Item? My camera, I take it everywhere and take way too many pictures. I am the annoying person who is always getting a group together for a shot or saying "Look at me, look at me", or "smile". I drive my kids and Brandon crazy sometimes. But, I love it!

F. Favorite Color? Green

G. Greatest accomplishment? Having a family or finishing my Nursing Degree.

H. Hometown? Bountiful, UT

I. Indulgences? Chocolate or ice cream.

J. January or July? I LOVE the summer time. I can't get enough of the sunshine!

K. Kids? 3 silly boys

L. Life is incomplete without? My family around me.

M. Marriage date? August 16th, 1999

N. Number of siblings? Four (2 brothers, 2 sisters), I am the youngest.

O. Oranges or apples? Oranges-but my most favorite fruit are red seedless grapes.

P. Phobias or fears? One of my family members getting hurt or dying. Natural disasters (I worry about this WAY too much). Germs- I don't go anywhere without my hand sanitizer or my antibacterial wet-wipes.

Q. Quotes? " Life is what you make it"

R. Reason to smile? Being relaxed, somewhere fun and safe with my family around me.

S. Season? Still summer

T. Tag three friends? My two sisters who just started blogging-Amy and Tara, and Kristel. Have fun girls!

U. Unknown fact about me? Nothing. I give out WAY too much information! I have obsessive compulsive tendencies, but if you know me you already know that.

V. Very favorite store? Costco or Target

W. Worst habit? Eating too many sweets! I am married to a dentist and get lectures quite frequently (I am trying to be better).

X. X-ray or ultrasound? What a strange question. Guess they couldn't think of anything else for this letter. Ultrasound I guess.

Y. Your favorite food? Italian-The Olive Garden is my favorite restaurant. I always order the same thing-Chicken Parmesan.

Z. Zodiac? Pisces

Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Mr. Geocacher (a.k.a. Brandon)

I am SO glad Brandon is starting to have some hobbies! Over the last 6 years with dental school, working two jobs, being Young Mens president and spending time with us, he never had time to himself. He is still busy, but I think he is really making sure he takes the time to find things he loves. His new love...Geocaching!

Geocaching is an outdoor treasure hunting game in which you use a GPS to hide and seek containers hidden by other participants. There are city caches and mountain cahces. The city caches are geared more towards kids and hidden containers usually contain small toys. The geocaches in the mountain are geared more toward men with some cooler treasures. Once you find the cache you are free to take your treasure, but then replace it with another treasure for the next seekers.

There are quite a few in Utah and we have found several close to our home. It is funny to think of all those places you have been and not realizing there are hidden treasures at your feet. We think it would be so fun to find all the caches hidden in Utah and maybe even hide one ourselves. Apparently there are a lot in Zions National Park. Why not add a treasure hunt to your beautiful hike in Zions? We are planning a trip there this summer sometime; if we can fit in with all the other places we want to explore.

The boys have been having fun with it, but not as much fun as Brandon! Here are some pictures of our latest hunt several weeks ago. Our niece Morgan came along and had a great time. Here they are deciding what direction to go by looking at the GPS (doing this has helped Nash to know where N,S,E and W are).
Getting closer...is it under here?
We found it!!
Hunting for another one...
Here it is!
And our last hunt for the day, we head to the pond by our house...
I think it is by this big tree!
We found it!! Here are the kids deciding what treasure they want to take with them.
We will keep you updated on our future treasure hunts-we know there are many more of them to come!