Tuesday, March 9, 2010


Our cute little kitty died over the weekend. I noticed on last Tuesday that he was seeming more tired than usual, and he wasn't drinking as much as he usually did. Then he disappeared for a few days, which he did sometimes, but he would always come back. I was starting to get worried about him. I checked in our shed thinking he got locked in there, he wasn't in there. I called for him in our yard and he wasn't around.

On Saturday morning Brandon went out in the backyard and saw Tiger under one of our big bushes trying to stretch out a little into the sun. Brandon said, "hi, Tiger", and he didn't meow he just looked at him with sad eyes. He brought him inside and I was so sad cause he looked so tired and sick and he had been laying in his own excrement.

Brandon took him to the animal hospital. In the ultrasound they found his kidneys to be very enlarged and a little unusual looking. His red blood cell count was really low. There wasn't really much they could do for him. They weren't sure what caused it, but they were thinking he had some kind of kidney malformation or disorder that he was born with. I told her that he drank at least 3 bowls of water a day and was always up at our sinks meowing for more water. They said that was pretty unusual for cats. They said we could sent him up to get an autopsy done, but we didn't want to. So I guess we will never really know what caused him to get so sick.

So I took the kids there to say their good-byes and it was heart wrenching! Nash and Canyon cried and cried, then we were all crying and the doctor came in and she was crying. Tiger had looked so miserable at my house, but now he just looked peaceful and was giving up. It made me sad. So they put him to sleep and we left. It was a good life lesson for the kids and it was a good opportunity to talk about the Plan of Salvation. And to tell them that we will all live again together in heaven some day. We just need to focus on doing what is right while we are here on this earth, so we can have that blessing.

Nash cried about it for a few days. Canyon asked through his tears if we could get a picture of Tiger and put it in their room. What a great idea. So this is the picture that will be up in their room so they won't forget their Tiger.

We love you buddy and we are missing you!!



Holly said...

i'm so sorry...

carol said...

Oh, I'm so sad boys. I know how much you loved him. I'm glad I petted him the other day. See you soon. Love Grandma

Andrea said...

So sad. It's crazy to think of pets becoming part of the family, but it really happens. As annoying they can be at times, it's sad to not have them anymore. Sorry guys

Tara said...

Oh, I am sad. Hope you will all feel better soon. Great picture to remind you of him.

Krista said...

that has got to be hard for the kids, I still remember when your dog Maggie(?)got hit, it was so hard for you.

your right though, it opens up a way to talk about the plan.

Fancy Frosting Team said...

So sad for you guys!

About the pool, they have you stand in line and you have a fun ankle thing on that starts your time once you cross over the line. You share the lane with one other person, just staying on the right. You just hop into the lane that comes available first.

Here's my email in case you have any other questions... haleybug80@hotmail.com

**Amy** said...

Oh....Poor Tiger! I will miss that cute kitty! I feel bad that the boys are feeling so sad. What a great picture!

A little something from me said...

That made my eyes tear up just reading that. Yes you used the opportunity well. Hope your kids are over the initial pain and coping well. You two are sweet parents hope you are well also.