Wednesday, March 24, 2010

7, 8, 9, 10 & 11 months

Obviously I haven't updated on Paige in months. Just want this for my records. I can't believe she will be one year old tomorrow!! She has been so fun, and we have all enjoyed having her in our family. Can't wait to celebrate her birthday this weekend. Happy Birthday Baby, we love you!

7 months (Oct-Nov):
First Halloween-Kitty costume
Loves gerber baby snacks
Smiles at everyone

8 months (Nov-Dec):
clapping hands
First Thanksgiving
Cut her first two teeth.
Loves to smile her big cheesy smile.

9 months (Dec-Jan):
First Christmas
First word-"kitty"
LOVES to wiggle and dance to music, at home or at stores.
Likes to eat most everything, except for green vegetables.
LOVES finger foods the most.
Reaches pretty far for toys without falling over.
Refuses to get up on her knees.
Pushes herself backwards and rolls to get where she wants to go.
Still reaches for anyone to hold her.
Likes walk around holding one of our fingers.
Clicks her tounge.
Loves to rub and try to bite daddy's head.
Tried a little sleding for the first time.

10 Months:
Says "ma ma", "da, da", "kitty", "hi", "bye,bye",
Started crawling
Still loves finger foods
Refuses to eat vegetables, I have to sneak them in little by little
LOVES to snuggle with mom and dad
Gives brothers hugs
Loves to tell her brothers "bye, bye" at bedtime
Loves to smack her lips and give kisses
Likes to pull the kitty's tail, still does it even when the cat retaliates
Starting to get into cupboards
Pulls herself up to the coffe table and stands up
Loves to groove to music. She bops her head and wiggles her little hips (so adorable).

11 Months:
Tries to sing with "Ba, ba, ba's".
Still dances whenever she hears music.
Gives her brothers high fives.
Loves to be pushed around on Lightening McQueen by her brothers
Says "Ohhhhhh" when she gives hugs and snuggles.
Pats her baby dolls back when she holds her.
Loves to wash herself with the wash cloth in the tub.
Cruising along the coffee table and couches and beds.
Loves to explore the house now and gets into a lot of things.
Likes to eat anything she finds on the floor, but when we tell her "no, no, yucky", she will hand whatever she has to us.
LOVES to take a bath.
She loves to drop things on purpose just so she can say "uh-oh".
She likes to drive cars and around and say "vrm, vrm".
Cut four more teeth.
Touch and feel books are her favorite.
Her newest words I can add to the list are: "uh-oh", "nigh, nigh" (night, night), "puppy", "all da" (all done), "mo" (more) when she wants more food and she always nods her head when she says it.
She is starting to scream and tenses and shakes her little arms now to get my attention, or when the boys are bothering her.
Eats almost anything, she is just picky about what vegetables she will eat.
Still struggles drinking much out of a sippy cup, and she doesn't like cow's milk (not sure what to do about this).
Loves and sometimes hates all the attention she gets from her brothers.


Jen I said...

Wow - I didn't realize you hadn't updated pictures of her much until I got to those 11 month pictures and she totally looks so much older now! Ah, someday to have a sweet little sister - those pictures with the boys are so cute!

The Kailing Family said...

love the little pony tail!! sooo cute :) can't believe the year has gone by so fast...we missed you last weekend, but I totally understand! Happy Birthday Paiger!!!

Tara said...

Happy Birthday Paige! We love you.

carol said...

What a sweetheart. Love you Paige. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

Kristen Duke Photography said...

Hi there! Your sis sent me your blog and I've just peeked, but my baby is about to turn 1 in a few weeks and I should just copy what you wrote as the details because it is so similar to what she's done and I don't have the brain power to try to think it all up. I love the brown and pink colors in your family pic in the header.

The Freemans said...

She looks like a little girl not a baby any more. Her hair is getting so long...she is darling!!!

Krista said...

I love her in her kitty costume! she does look so much older.

Holly said...

very fun pictures-
Very beautiful girl
very on top-of-it-all mom to have all that journaling caught up.

bevany said...

She's the cutest.
Post some birthday party pictures, already. Oh, and she says a lot of words! Beckham doesn't even say those words. Smart, smart girl!

Andrea said...

You look hot in your sister's pictures. Way to go on the race.
Cute pics

Krista said...

where is your post about the need to show off all your hard work and tell us about it!

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