Thursday, October 30, 2008

Tuesday, October 28, 2008


My sister Amy tagged me about a week ago and she will be glad I am finally finishing this post. So here it goes:

1. If you know me well, you know I have really long fingers. Well, I guess you couldn't miss them even if you didn't know me, but anyway, ever since I was little I have loved finding my "comfy spots" for them. I can't really explain the different positions I put them in, so if you are that curious you can ask me what they are and I will show you. But, once my hands are in that comfy spot I don't want to move them. 'No, I can't grab that remote or change the channel on the radio, or write down that message for you-I don't want to move my fingers'. If it is something easy that I can do and still be able to keep my hands in that position, then fine I will do it for you. Weird I know, but it relaxes me.

2. Sometimes when I drive I have to try REALLY hard to not think about what could happen if I accidentally yanked the steering wheel to the right and made us all fall off the cliff to our death. Or accidentallly opened the car door and leaped to my own death. If I think about it too much I feel like I have to really have to stop myself from doing it. Scary, huh! Hopefully you won't worry too much when you get a ride with me (ha, ha). I haven't done it yet!

3. I worry about death WAY too much. It has gotten a little better since I taught a Relief Society lesson on death a few years ago. But, when I start to worry about it I can't stop thinking about it, and I usually play the whole scenerio out in my head. The person (usually my husband or one of my children) dies, and I think about how I would feel, what the funeral would be like, what life would be like without them, the regrets I would have, etc... I usually cry myself to sleep when I get in these moods, or I will wake up from a dream and cry and cry and cry until I fall back asleep in my hubby's arms. Brandon hates when I worry about it so much, it usually stresses him out, so I try to just keep it to myself (hopefully he doesn't read this, he doesn't know that). But, like I said it has gotten better in the last few years.

4. I secretly like R&B music (when it is clean). I know, that is so embarassing! I like Chris Brown-but, it does drive me crazy when he sings like he has never been taught proper English. Not that I am any expert in that area, but can't you say "Forever" instead of "Foreva"? I also like Usher and Justin Timberlake. Moving on...

5. Certain things belong in certain places in my house. 'No honey, your keys, wallet, and phone don't go right on the island in the kitchen, they go over on the table in the tray, in the corner.' Infact, I go crazy if anything is out on the kitchen counters when we are not preparing a meal or eating. Not that my house is clean all the time, because it can't be with three young boys, but it just feels better when things are in their place. Nash is starting to like things in their place as well. When the house is extra tidy and everything is in place, he will come home from school and say 'Oh mom, good job, I love when the house is SO clean'. But that doesn't mean that he keeps everything clean or puts all his things away either.

6. I really hate putting laundry away. I don't mind doing the laundry or folding it, but it might sit folded in the laundry room for a few days. I don't know why, I just don't like doing it. And it does drive me crazy that it is not put away where it is supposed to be. I have to talk myself into doing it, or plan it in part of my day.

7. I can't really think of anything else that is weird or random right now. Maybe my sisters could add this last one if they can think of anything.

I tag: Mandy, Hilary, Kristel, Andrea, Jen I., Krista, and Melissa K.-if they reallly want to do it!!!

Saturday, October 25, 2008

The N Twins

I had fun following these two cuties around a few days ago. I love taking pictures of two-year olds (when they are not mine). It usually doesn't take much to make them smile and have fun. They did great for this 1 hour photo shoot. Here is your sneak peak A.

I am having some problems with my pictures being washed out and having a blueish tone on the computer even though they usually print out fine. Will you let me know if they look washed out. I am curious to know what you are all seeing so I can try to fix the problem. Thanks.


Monday, October 20, 2008

A NEW (and maybe improved)...

... Anthony Michael Hall?!

Remember that great movie "Sixteen Candles"? Although I am not sure I should recommend it, it is still one of my favorite all time movies. Nash is sure a lot cuter than Anthony Michael Hall and definitely has a bit more style, but I sure can't help thinking about the dance scene in that movie when I see this:

"Whooo, whoo, whoo, whoo, very Hot, very Hot".

Just in case you haven't seen the movie -thanks to my sister Amy, here is a short clip. Too bad it doesn't include my favorite dance moves.

or this...(I think this dance is mostly inspired by "Happy Feet".) What a fun kid Nash is!

****Sorry these are so long, I couldn't shorten the clip on my program for some reason.

Sunday, October 19, 2008

The "B" Family

I took pictures for my friend/neighbor and her cute family. Here is a sneak peek, just a handful of several pictures. Hope you like them!


Tuesday, October 14, 2008

My Grandma Donna

My Grandma Donna has passed away. We are going to miss her. Driving down to California for her first funeral service with my parents and sisters really gave us an opportunity to talk and remember all the great memories that we have of her. We have so many traditions that come from her and some great treasures, and some great stories. We love you Grandma and we will miss you, but are so excited for you to be in heaven with your family! She will be buried in Vernal, Utah and we will have another service there on Wednesday.

Mary Donna (Erickson) Weeks 1913 ~ 2008 Mary Donna (Erickson) Weeks died October 4, 2008, in Thousand Oaks, California of causes incident to age.She was born March 20, 1913, in Greenwich, Utah to Peter A. Erickson and Alversia Savage Erickson. She went to school and was raised in Vernal, Utah. She married William B. Weeks in the Salt Lake Temple on June 9, 1932, and they later divorced. She moved her family to Salt Lake City in 1952 and then to Bountiful, Utah. She is survived by her children, E. Nordell Weeks (Carol), Coy Phillips (Ben), and Susan Horton (Dennis), and many grandchildren and great grandchildren. Sister-in-law, Lois Erickson, Gloria Erickson and brother-in-law Hal Thorpe also survive her. She was preceded in death by her daughter, Barbara Fay, in 1937, her granddaughter, Lynda, Grandsons, Marlo Horton and Sean Burbidge, siblings Merrill Erickson, Dennis Erickson, Bryce Erickson, Georgia Erickson, and Rubee Thorpe. This devoted and hardworking mother raised her three children by herself, usually working two jobs at once. She was employed briefly at Southeast Furniture. She then worked as an instructor at Darrell's Beauty College and Painter's Beauty College in Roy, Utah. She was also simultaneously self-employed in her own beauty salon at home. She was later employed at Little America and as a hostess at the Lion House, a job that she relished - greeting and meeting the guests. She was always dressed beautifully and in good taste, and was an incredibly gracious and elegant woman. As a mother, she provided only the best for her children and endeavored to overcome adversity. She was an excellent cook and her children always had homemade bread, pastry, and meals, and she loved to experiment in the kitchen. She was an excellent seamstress and she continued to learn new things. The last nine years she has resided in the Thousand Oaks Care Center. Her daughter and son-in-law being her caretakers with the loving support of her daughter and son. Funeral services were held in Thousand Oaks, California on October 10, 2008. A memorial service will held on Wed., October 15, 2008, at the Vernal Sixth Ward, 350 W. 100 N., at 1:30 p.m. She will be laid to rest in the Vernal Cemetery.

Picking Pumpkins

I just got back from California on Sunday. My grandma passed away last week and her service was there in Thousand Oaks, near LA. (I will post more on that later). I didn't take any kids with me with was really nice, but I missed them. So Monday I was ready to go and do something fun, so for FHE we went and picked pumpkins and went to dinner after. I really do love spending time with my boys, they are all so different and all so fun. We had a great time.
Here is Canyon's pick,
Here is Nash's pick-I promise I don't tell this kid how to pose I just take the picture. He is in this stage right now where he thinks he is SO cool. He is such a character.
Coleman is sitting on his pick,
And of coarse another one of the willing subjects

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Nap-time terror

So off and on Coleman just won't take a nap no matter what I try and then by 5:00pm he is crying about everything and even more particular and stubborn about everything. But, the last few months he was back to taking one everyday again. Until Sunday came. So for three days now I have been battling him and he has been wining. AGGHHHH!

Here is how this afternoon went:

1:00pm- "Coleman it's time for nap buddy." His usual reply is "no, nap mommy!" But despite his refusal we go upstairs, and I lay down with him for a few minutes while he wiggles and wiggles and jabbers and jabbers. So I give him a kiss and a hug and leave the room. "If you get out of bed I will have to shut your door, so don't get out of bed okay buddy". "Okay mommy". I go down stairs to see what Canyon is doing.

1:15pm-I hear Coleman upstairs and he has gotten out of bed and I go upstairs again and shut his door. He cries and then the crying stops. The first time this happens at nap time, I shut the door for a few minutes and then open it and tell him one more time and then he usually stays in bed after that. If he gets out of bed again the door is shut for good. But this time he got out again and the door got shut for good. So he cries again and then the crying stops again. 'Oh good' I think 'he has gotten back in bed and will be asleep soon, just like usual'. Nope, when I peek in he has gotten books and toys out all over his bed and is jumping around the bed having the time of his life.

1:30pm- Get Canyon and Coleman and head to the car. I have too much to do today and tonight for him to not have a nap today. I am going to drive him around and MAKE him take a nap. So we start our drive which I have done with him before in desperate times. The drive usually only lasts 5-10 minutes.

2:15pm- Still driving...Coleman is jabbering about his cousin Logan and all the letters and the sounds they make, about his cousin Hayley, and saying "Stop driving Mom, go to sleep!", while Canyon and I don't say a word in the car. (Canyon wants to get back home just as much as I do). I am getting pretty frustrated at this point, mostly because I don't want him to win three days in a row!! So we head back home and I tell myself that I am going to win this battle today.

2:20pm- We are back home and I take Coleman straight up to his room. I lay down with him again for a few minutes while my sweet content Canyon waits quietly for me again downstairs. Coleman jabbers about taking turns with Logan (his cousin) and jabbers about things I can't understand. Sings his version of 'Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star', pretends his hand is a big Excavator and is dumping dirt, puts his feet on the wall, his feet in my belly, his feet in the air, and his feet on the head board. I fall asleep for a few minutes and wake up to something poking me in the face. When I open my eyes I can see that it is his finger and he starts laughing at me. So I tell him to lay down and to NOT get out of his bed. Surprisingly enough he stays there.

3:15pm- After several peaks and seeing that Coleman is staying in his bed, I take one final look. He is still awake. Man!!! I have so many things to do and I have wasted 2 hours. So I guess I will get Coleman out of bed and he will win this one for today. I get him and take him downstairs and put in a movie.

Wow! If you have read this far you must really be concerned about me. Am I crazy or what? I know he is learning what things to do to keep himself awake, but I know he still needs the nap. I don't like this stage. He is almost three and I am sure his time for taking naps is coming to an end. Hopefully tomorrow I will win the next battle, as for now the score is 3 to 0. Good job Coleman, you always know how to trick mommy and win!